majestics oaks in golden mustard fields

Mustard gilds Sonoma county’s pastures with gold in February and March as great old oaks awaken from winter’s slumber.

Ohhh…I do LOVE springtime! The warming sunshine; spritzes of rain; longer days; pastures awash in golden mustard; fruit trees,  magnolias and camellias in bloom; bees, ladybugs, (and yes, aphids too) busy at their tasks; the symphony of flowers…sometimes it’s SO full of beauty I almost feel it’s more than a nature lover can possibly find time to fully appreciate.

Here’s a 2013 February & March gallery: Spring Arrives! (Sonoma county California)


Photography & art making HAVE been going on behind the scenes despite a blog postings drought the past two years. I’ve been working intensively on photography ~ challenging myself with new subject material, upgrading my skills & equipment, entering competitive shows and winning awards!

evening santa rosa mall courtyard with hand sculpture and flowering pear tree

Santa Rosa Mall entry courtyard with hand sculpture and flowering pear tree (2012)

Was genuinely surprised ~ and DELIGHTED ~ over winning two first place blue ribbons, a second, and fifth place award at the Sonoma County 2011 Harvest Fair last October!! Significantly, this was the first time recently, I’ve entered conventional photographic images along with my D’Gravure™ digital etchings. Both approaches won awards. Quite an honor given all the incredible photographers we have in the area!

I’ve also been building various photo albums on Facebook. It’s great fun getting feedback from family, friends, and friends of friends ~ a wonderful opportunity to meet folks virtually, and occasionally in person. One goal for 2012: get my image collections on-line here, important since Facebook is changeable and ultimately participants – artists – photographers don’t have any say over the FB venue.

My newest photographic theme is Suburban Sonoma County. I’m always photographing flowers & trees, then added landscapes and seascapes in the past decade….but found myself surprised when my sister commented “An unusual photo for you. Really great” about Sebastopol Autumn Reflected (NOV 2010), one of my Harvest Fair entries :

hwy 12 in sebastopol with red truck and autumn tree

Sebastopol Autumn, Reflected (2010)

Her comment made me realize I rarely photograph any local ‘suburban’ scenes even though it’s what I often admire in Victoria’s ‘Brooklyn’ album on Facebook. So here goes! Read more

Welcome 2012! My new year’s resolution is to post regularly to the three blogs I write: on art photography, gourmet vegetarian food, and natural healing with essential oils.

Though my SpringMoon blog has appeared utterly neglected (no posts / updates since April 2008), I’ve been VERY busy with photography and art behind the scenes. Was gifted a new camera: Nikon 5000D and a 28-300mm lens by my incredibly generous sister in this time period. Have been teaching myself to use it and investing in professional quality equipment such as:
~ a Vanguard carbon fiber tripod and pistol grip swivel mount
~ a tabletop lightbox for food and product photography (still need better lights)

Also, with the encouragement of a Facebook friend, Ethan Tweedie, who does spectacular landscape photography in Hawaii, started taking a course on shooting in RAW, which is improving what I can do with my photography ~ preserving max exposure details in the highlights and shadows and a wide range of color hues. More on this in specific articles I have planned.

ivory gerbera daisy digital photo etching ~ Copyright 2012 Cynthe Brush

Sunny Gerbera Daisy ~ A summery flower to brighten your New Year.

Images to greet the new year: This pale ivory Gerbera Daisy shot several years ago is one of the first ‘high-key’ images I’ve taken with it’s dark center being the only strong point of contrast. Liked the image and have wanted to make Read more