I LOVE photography. Taking photographs – figuring out subject materials – identifying what inspires me – honing my artistic vision – admiring, studying, and learning from other photographers – as well as learning to use my film & digital cameras & digital darkroom art tools to express MY view of the world.

Photography runs in my blood. My father’s a passionate – extremely talented photographer – and bought my sister and me our first cameras in Singapore, ages ago in 1963. I was barely 13. Victoria still 11 and a half.

Sooooo…..now having met Bee (via email) and having learned about the June edition of CLICK at Jugalbandi – a fundraiser to help my daughter-in-law Briana Brownlow and her hubby Marc (my oldest son) meet some of her out-of-pocket medical costs. (Read my June 3rd post for more details.) How can I not submit an entry?

CLICK is a monthly theme-based photography contest hosted by Jugalbandi. This month’s theme is:

Yellow is the colour of HOPE. Through the work of the LiveStrong Foundation, it has also come to signify the Fight Against Cancer. The entries can be viewed HERE. The deadline for entries is June 30, 2008.

* * * * *

We all look at pictures. And immediately read the captions of images that intrigue us. Here’s the story behind my CLICK! entry: Hugs & Kisses

Copyright © 2008 Cynthe Brush. All Rights Reserved.Never can resist buying some of these little cuties come autumn. Last October 2007, we had gone to one of our local Farm Market growers to buy Halloween pumpkins. The mini farm is only a few miles from us. I spotted an irresistible pile of these wonderful charmers. Picked through the tumble of shapes & colors for these four – admiring their individuality, patterns, lumps & bumps, and especially their STEMS!

Took a whole series of shots informally set up on the (temporarily) bare cupboards under the dining nook window. The autumn sun slanted in at a low angle with a bright intensity, spot-lighting the gourds, casting long dramatic shadows against the stark white surface.

NOTE: If the shot had been planned for competition, I would have done a few things differently:
~ set-up a brighter reflector board to open the secondary lights on the shadowy sides
~ and focused on a more horizontal crop to capture all of those great shadow gestures!

As I created different arrangements, using various shooting angles, the gourds began to “speak.” They felt like a group of friends gathered for a sunny outing. Those gestural stems, so visually evocative, asked to be arranged in some sort of loving gentle embrace.

Now, as I look at this entry I know why. These gourds represent “The Fundraiser Girls” – Briana, Bee, Shankari & Manisha – friends gathered together, supporting each other’s creative efforts, and committed to living life to the fullest.

WHAT”s YOUR FEEDBACK: I have a sense of who is who… Which gourd do you think represents each of them? I’d be curious to know….



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4 Comments so far

  1. bee on June 6, 2008 8:54 am

    a truly endearing post with such a beautiful entry. thank you, dear cynthe.

  2. shankari on June 9, 2008 5:42 pm

    What a beautiful picture. Shows how artistic you are.

  3. Happy Cook on June 10, 2008 10:52 am

    Beautiful click
    I have a huge smile as you asked which gourd is who.
    I went back to the pice few times but still have no clue who is who.

  4. Cynthe on June 10, 2008 11:18 am

    Bee, Shankari, & Happy Cook ~ Delighted you three like ‘Hugs & Kisses.’

    Had NO idea when I took the foto 7 months ago that it would become so symbolic to me.

    Promise to reveal “who’s who” after the CLICK! Yellow decisions have been made. Please come back and check.

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