D’Gravure™ Etchings

In the winter of 2002, I began exploring digital art techniques using professional photographic & painting software. Continuing to make discoveries a decade later, I keep refining my aesthetic approach and vision.

Traditional fine art subjects – Garden Flowers and California Landscapes & Seascapes, inspire creative interpretation. My SpringMoon portfolio artfully emphasizes form & surface variation in a bold graphic style, influenced by both European & Japanese print-making traditions.

D’Gravure™ is my proprietary term for the textural, digital photo etchings I create. Images begin as traditional film or high resolution digital photographs. They are individually enhanced & modified using classic photography image manipulation & printmaking techniques – cropping, dodging, burning, vignetting.

Abandoned red shack on a Sonoma county hillside.

Composing SpringMoon Images
– Discovery & Experimentatio

I always start with composing the BEST shot I can from what catches my eye. And shoot LOTS of images.

Next, I critique the photos. Selecting the ones that “speak” to me. Then I assess how to crop the photo plus figure out what the “finished” composition needs to be really strong… (ie. looking for awkward areas, visual holes & clutter, etc.) Much like a traditional media artist would in creating a drawing or painting.

Compositions are developed with montage,silhouetting, and layering to add/remove elements until the composition is “right” to my eye, before applying additional enhancements of color saturation & digital painting with light & shadow (dodging & burning).

Finally, I apply unique texturing techniques – a SpringMoon trademark – in various layers & modes to emphasize images’ surface qualities, patterns, & atmospheric details. Once I’m happy with the refined image, figure it will “find its audience” in others, too.

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